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The blog is a center of information for my current Thesis research (2011-defense); serving as…

  1. a bank of relevant information and articles
  2. a collection of self-authored posts according to major topical-themes (open for comment)
  3. a contact and links resource

reField is dedicated to collecting, cataloging, and commenting on a future Agriculture.  An Agricultural future focused on the American Midwest as an interesting regional site riddled with paradoxical land-use, a site that has become the traditional ‘bread-basket’ for urban America, and a site in a developed country that serves as a world icon for agricultural progress.

The goal of reField is to find alternate applications and processes of agriculture for a future engaged in growing our resources and spaces while re-growing our landscapes. A true re-consideration of Agriculture by rethinking the Field both as a site for growing and as a metaphor of processes.  reField seeks the intersection of integrated growing agri-scapes, infrastructures, and constructed habitation.
Agriculture = ager (field) + cultura (cultivation) [definition]

Written by Matthew

April 7, 2010 at 02:25

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