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Agri-Tech Catalog – FORMAT

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Here is a first crack at what the Agri-Tech Catalog may look like. The template is a standard Letter (8 1/2″ x 11″) page size so that the catalog can be easily output as a printed reference.

Agri-Tech Catalog: Sample

As noted in my prior post, the classification-tags are important in providing a quick reference for the technology.  However, I find this is labeled more effectively as an attribute taxonomy. This taxonomy is a basic interpretation of the technology about what scale it is used on, what bio-material it is focused on operating on, what action it performs, and how it is interacted with/deployed.

Agri-Tech Catalog: Legend


title – the popular name for the technology

global origin – where the technology was first developed

global deployment – where the technology is being used (dark = used, light = unused or N/A)

invention date – when the technology was invented (in its most recognizable state)

duration of use – how long (or during what period of time) the technology was used

attribute taxonomy – the 4-attribute classification of the technology

attribute index – a comparative reference indicating which attributes define the technology

description – a brief description of what the technology was meant for and how it is being used

annotated drawing – a drawing visually describing how the technology works towards its agri-function, a figure is included for scale reference

tags – a collection of some of the most popular keywords from a Google search of the technology name

reference – the key reference of the research data


Written by Matthew

April 23, 2010 at 21:35

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