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Agri-Tech Catalog – understanding the technology of production

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As my thesis research continues it has become apparent that an interesting level of intervention in agriculture will occur at the level of the employed/deployed technology.  Some kind of intervention infused with performance, product, space and experience.  Thinking on a broad theoretical level, it is the technology of agriculture that symbiotically developed the technologies behind settled habitation and city making; Food shapes our Cities.  Thus, the examination and rethinking of these tactics and technologies becomes the fertile ground in which to speculate on a Town & Country 2.0, through the very mechanism that enables Town; namely Agriculture.

So…what I need is an Agri-Tech Catalogue. My vision of an “Agri-Tech Catalogue” is a series of researched technolgies that deal with the production of plant or protein related products for human use.  And while I cannot currently find a definition simply for the production of plant/protein material (as a science or discipline) I have labeled the catalogue as simply Agri-Tech.

In the effort of producing this catalogue the need to organize these Agri-Technologies with a useful classification or tagging system became crucial in the implications of how it might be a useful design resource later.

The classification tags are organized as follows:

indicates how the technology/tool/tactic is deployed in/over a given area

– XS (<10cm)
– S  (10cm-10m)
– M  (10m-100m)
– L  (100m-1000m)
– XL (>1000m)

indicates what bio-material the technology is acting upon

– P (plant/vegetable product, i.e. corn)

– A (animal/protein product, i.e. beef)

indicates the type of action the technology is perfoming upon/for the bio-material

– Sc (Soil cultivation)
– Es (Environmental system)
– S  (Seeding)
– GA (Growth/Augmentation)
– MO (Monitoring/Organization)
– P  (Protection)
– H  (Harvesting)
– P- (Processing-x…the stage of processing the bio-material)

…this category is expected to expand with more genres/sub-genres

indicates the level of human involvement or participation with the technology

– M  (Manual, direct human engagement, i.e. digging a hole with a spade)
– Sa (Semi-automatic, human assisted engagement, i.e. driving a GPS guided tractor)
– A  (Automatic, human initiated/maintained but self organized, i.e. robotic dairy milking)
…I am considering further sub-dividing this category into an energy-input set to compliment the level of deployment

Written by Matthew

April 22, 2010 at 20:28

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